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    To me, Ennis stands for the conservative side of America. He's the biggest homophobe in the whole movie - culturally and psychologically - but by the time he admits his feelings, it's too late.

    I took the name Green Destiny from - well there is such a sword called Green Destiny. It is green because you keep twisting it, it's an ancient skill, you keep twisting it and knocking it and twisting it until it is very elastic and light.

    I know these themes have obstacles. They have to be promoted carefully.

    I think the book struck me in a few ways that I thought very interesting to pick it as my first martial arts film. It has a very strong female character and it was very abundant in classic Chinese textures.

    Every time I return to Taiwan, I am met with various election campaigns with pos ters of candidates everywhere. I hope Taiwan can make more efforts in culture and life.

    So many times you see beautiful lovemaking scenes with a lot of exposure or an awkward lovemaking scene, but I think it's very rare that you see it private.

    I think this has been an amazing year for American cinema. So I just want to give my first thanks to my fellow filmmakers for strengthening my faith in movies.

    SHANGHAI, China - Hold the guide wires, John Woo says. Woo is dipping into the popular Chinese historical genre with his latest project, The War of the Red Cliff, ... Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

    This was supposed to be my homecoming project. I'm really taking to heart how this film is performing in America.

    On a Chinese film you just give orders, no one questions you. Here, you have to convince people, you have to tell them why you want to do it a certain way, and they argue with you. Democracy.

    In film history, it will be something that is remembered.

    When I see something I like, that's all that counts. What they use, how they get there, I never bother them.

    I did a women's movie, and I'm not a woman. I did a gay movie, and I'm not gay. I learned as I went along.

    I remember thinking to myself 'Does he have a lady thing with her'.

    The movie awards over the years, there's a tide.

    They taught all of us who made the movie so much - not just about the gay men and women whose love is denied by society, but the greatness of love itself.

    That's why we make movies. Otherwise, we just have a leader issue an order and we all follow. Why else would there be filmmakers like us Why else would people lock themselves in a dark room and watch a movie together

    I didn't have a specific message. I wasn't trying to push any political issues. We are dealing here with love.

    I had to fight with my background ... but I also had to live in the general environment. People have to be categorized. That's very annoying. Don't you find that annoying Life shouldn't be like that. The world isn't like that. There's a lot of complexity. There are exceptions.

    So I want to give my first thanks to my fellow filmmakers for strengthening my faith in the power of movies to change the way we're thinking.

    That's just a real-life condition I have to deal with. It has nothing to do with me doing the movie. I cannot dilute or intensify the movie because of the political environment. I cannot wait until the world is perfect to make my movie. If I don't do it, somebody else will -- and I will be very jealous. So I didn't really give it too much thought.

    I would do exactly the same. I'm so proud of the movie. They didn't vote for it. I don't know (why).

    It was about repression and a whole lot of things. They're both gays, but one chooses to be more adventurous. The other has to go through self-denial and only accepts it when it's too late, when he missed him. That is true. Eventually we surpass the obsta

    Meanwhile, the Ice Storm was still in development, And that was something I really wanted to do, and frankly I don't think I was ready to do a big production like this.

    I thought it was a small work of love. I never thought it would play like this.

    I'm more at ease this time.

    When I sent those scripts, that was the lowest point of my life. We'd just had our second son, and when I went to collect them from hospital, I went to the bank to try and get some money to buy some diapers, the screen showed I've got $26 left.

    I think people are universal.

    Don't watch the film with 'colored glasses' and it's a very touching love story.

    In the past I've made movies that were pretty universally liked. You can't really hate them. You can discard them, but you can't really hate them.

    I was nervous last time, likely because I shouldered a cultural mission for reinvigorating the Chinese-language film industry back then.

    Heath was all worked up and holding her hands and wanted to go to hospital.

    Mainstream films have occupied Hollywood, but you can get bored very easily. It can be very repetitive, and I think now we want something fresh and something inspiring and different, daring. The mainstream film is very expensive to make and it scares people. It's made for the worldwide audience, you have to please so many people, and the business men start running the movies rather than artists.

    Not taboo - it's just that straight actors still risk their careers commercially and economically. They have to please the crowd - they're movie stars; their image is their industry. It goes beyond acting.

    I think the American West really attracts me because it's romantic. The desert, the empty space, the drama.

    I think that's important in Western cowboy poetry, literature and therefore in the movie, is that things are in the air. They've got space and time.

    Usually with this genre the first thing that happens is a good fight sequence to show that you're in good hands. So we broke that rule. I think a lot of that comes from the western audience.

    Sexuality is a big issue, but there are others - how much you commit to a relationship, to social obligation, to honesty and being honest with yourself.

    My first instinct was to cast as close to the short story as possible, but then I realized that I needed actors who could go for it and that they had to function well as a couple in a love story.

    The most mysterious feminine factor, the existence that we men, we don't know. It's woman. It's feminine. That's what the sword is about. That's the symbolic meaning of the sword.

    I didn't know there were so many gay people out there. Everywhere, they turn up.

    When there is a strong woman character in a story - that always grabs me.

    When I have a full schedule like that, I don't see myself sitting there for a couple of months, doing the research, going through a painful process, it's just not my thing anymore.

    I think the macho established with the West kind of conflicts with the idea of being homosexual. Sexually, I think they don't get along, but they coexist very basically, naturally, under mother nature. I think they are dangerously close, but people just don't want to deal with that.

    Now I'm kind of established as a director, I much prefer directing to writing.

    Directing, I get all kinds of inspiration. It's working with people. It's a lot more fun.

    The way I go about a lovemaking scene is that we will talk about it during the rehearsing time.

    This year, I'm particularly happy for the movies that were in, that are coming out. I feel very not only honored, but it's just a pleasure to be with those so-called small movies.

    When I started out, nobody gave me scripts, so I had to write. That's why I wrote family drama - I'm a domestic person, it's all I know

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