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    Whoever is spared personal pain must feel himself called to help in diminishing the pain of others. We must all carry our share of the misery which lies upon the world.

    I too had thoughts once of being an intellectual, but I found it too difficult.

    Anyone who proposes to do good must not expect people to roll stones out of his way, but must accept his lot calmly, even if they roll a few stones upon it.

    Because I have confidence in the power of truths and of spirit, I believe in the future of mankind.- The Philosophy of Civilization.

    The city of truth cannot be built on the swampy ground of skepticism.

    Truth has no special time of its own. Its hour is now - always.

    Day by day we should weigh what we have granted to the spirit of the world against what we have denied to the spirit of Jesus, in thought and especially in deed.

    Very little of the great cruelty shown by men can really be attributed to cruel instinct. Most of it comes from thoughtlessness or inherited habit. Extract from 'Memories of childhood and youth.'

    Affirmation of life is the spiritual act by which man ceases to live unreflectively and begins to devote himself to his life with reverence in order to raise it to its true value. To affirm life is to deepen, to make more inward, and to exalt the will to live.

    It is not always granted to the sower to live to see the harvest. All work that is worth anything is done in faith.

    Happiness That's nothing more than good health and a poor memory.

    Every man has to seek in his own way to make his own self more noble and to realize his own true worth.

    Any profound view of the world is mysticism. It has, of course, to deal with life and the world, both of which are nonrational entities.

    Do something for somebody everyday for which you do not get paid.

    Man has lost the capacity to foresee and to forestall. He will end by destroying the earth.

    Impart as much as you can of your spiritual being to those who are on the road with you, and accept as something precious what comes back to you from them.

    Reverence for Life Revisited Albert Schweitzer's Relevance Today.

    Most of it comes from thoughtlessness or inherited habit. The roots of cruelty, therefore, are not so strong as widespread. But the time must come where in humanity protected by custom and thoughtlessness will succumb before humanity championed by th

    There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.

    It is through the idealism of youth that man catches sight of truth, and in that idealism he possesses a wealth which he must never exchange for anything else.

    The only progress that knowledge allows is in enabling us to describe more and more in detail the world we see and its evolution. What matters in a world-view is to grasp the meaning and purpose of everything, and that we cannot do.

    Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being. Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light.

    When people have light in themselves, it will shine out from them. Then we get to know each other as we walk together in the darkness, without needing to pass our hands over each other's faces, or to intrude into each other's hearts.

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