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  • The robb'd that smiles, steals something from the thief; He robs himself that spends a bootless grief.
    (William Shakespeare, "Othello")
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  • I would be with Thom Robb for five days, then I'd go home for a few weeks, then I'd go back to Thom. The longest I was ever away was two weeks.
    (Jon Ronson)
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  • I didn't even see the ball. I just saw Robb take off. Joey (Cora) was yelling at me, 'Go, go, go' So I tried to get up and get back on my horse. As soon as I could, I was out of gas. I thought I got my hand in there.
    (Aaron Rowand)
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  • There was the Arkansas Klansman Thom Robb, for example, who couldn't quite figure out where he fit in. He wanted to give the Klan an image makeover, by banning the robes and the hoods and the 'N word' -- as he always called it ... and hatred in general, ... even though his members were always sidling up to him and whispering, 'Uh, Thom, we kind of joined the Klan because we wanted to hate people.'
    (Jon Ronson)
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  • If Andrew Robb is serious about a compulsory citizenship test on Australian history, customs and values, he should have the courage to require all Australians to take the test.
    (Andrew Bartlett)
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