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  • When workmen strive to do better than well, They do confound their skill in covetousness And oftentimes excusing of a fault Doth make the fault the worse by the excuse, As patches set upon a little breach Discredit more in hiding of the fault Than did the fault before it was so patch'd.
    (William Shakespeare)
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  • If thou that bid'st me be content wert grim,
    Ugly, and sland'rous to thy mother's womb,
    Full of unpleasing blots and sightless stains,
    Lame, foolish, crooked, swart, prodigious,
    Patch'd with foul moles and eye-offending marks,
    I would not care, I then would be content;
    For then I should not love thee; no, nor thou
    Become thy great birth, nor deserve a crown.
    (William Shakespeare, "")
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