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    Once it happened, as I lay awake at night, that I suddenly spoke in verses, in verses so beautiful and strange that I did not venture to think of writing them down, and then in the morning they vanished; and yet they lay hidden within me like the hard kernel within an old brittle husk.

    Ever looked sufficiently at a quite everyday looking stamped addressed envelope Admittedly it is an outer husk its face, in all its featureful perfection of imperfection, is its fortune it exhibits only the civil or military clothing of whatever p

    I toured the area this morning with (House Speaker) Dennis Hastert, ... Corn is about what you'd expect. You peel one husk, and there are maybe four or five kernels. You peel another, and there is no ear at all. You peel a third, and maybe two-thirds of the kernels are there. We'll have a better handle on what the yields are once harvest gets underway.

    Money may be the husk of many things, but not the kernel. It brings you food, but not appetite medicine, but not health acquaintance, but not friends servants, but not loyalty days of joy, but not peace or happiness.

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