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    Breast cancer prevention is a cause that is near and dear to my heart and I am thrilled that our company has been at the forefront of the pink movement, ... In addition to raising money, I am hopeful that this line of products will continue to bring comfort to those who are currently battling breast cancer or those who have fought the battle and won. The longer these products are available in the market, the greater is our ability to make a difference in the lives of breast cancer patients and their families.

    I have the unique ability to be on the forefront to deal with issues such as traditional values the Second Amendment in protecting gun rights and enforcing laws such as illegal immigration. I'll have a position to influence the selection of federal judges.

    As the world's sole remaining super power and economic powerhouses, our nation's ability to be at the forefront of innovation and production has enabled unparalleled economic success of our nation's workforce.

    In Wisconsin, We're at the forefront of research that might one day bring cures for diseases like Parkinsons and Alzheimers, and we must seize its great potential.

    Candidates that we call 'passive' job seekers, those that are currently looking but would welcome the opportunity to better their situation, are coming to the forefront on many of our searches. They will passively explore the opportunities out there and see if they can strike a better deal and secure a better future for themselves both short and long term. Smart job seekers, even those passive ones, will keep their rsums up to date. Nothing will derail a job search like having to go back and update your rsums. Keeping it up to date and fresh allows job seekers the ability to move on an opportunity the moment it presents itself.

    A lot was happening, plus there were an enormous number of people in the industry that were going to conventions, so it was a pretty fun time. Also there was a lot of controversy and I was at the forefront of some of that.

    For now more than ever, we must keep in the forefront of our minds the fact that whenever we take away the liberties of those we hate, we are opening the way to loss of liberty for those we love.

    Then all this started to pick up because I signed with ForeFront when I was in seventh grade. It got a lot busier and I was traveling a lot and it wasn't making sense. Especially at a private school, you miss two days, and you get so behind.

    You didn't just pay lip service to the goal of overcoming the division of Europe and Germany... Rather, you put yourself at the forefront of those who encouraged us on the way to unity.

    It is no secret that our tax code is drastically outdated and burdensome to all Americans. Fortunately, more and more people are aware daily of the inequities that arise from things such as the estate tax, and it has come to the forefront of Congress' agenda.

    I was very careful to send Mr. Roosevelt every few days a statement of our casualties. I tried to keep before him all the time the casualty results because you get hardened to these things and you have to be very careful to keep them always in the forefront of your mind.

    President Bush realizes that state and local governments are at the forefront of the War on Terror and is doing everything possible to ensure their ability to meet the challenges they face.

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