Quotes about disobey (11 Quotes)

    We can disagree on the laws that are passed, and we often do. But the foundation of our society is that once a law is passed that we agree to obey it. We do not get to obey the laws that we like and disobey the laws that we don't like,

    I would think at this point that everyone in the legislature would want to stand up and say that we abide by the notion that courts decide questions of constitutional law. And I note from the resolution that they are not in any way arguing that they should disobey the court. But I think at this point we need to sit back and let the courts decide the case.

    Jewish fundamentalism is teaching that Jews can fight with guns and with civil war, against being relocated off the West Bank, and disobey the orders of their government. That is the call to jihad, to several kinds of jihad.

    ... the enemy of righteousness also works in little steps, so small that they are hard to notice if you are thinking only about yourself and how great you are. Just as truth is given to us line upon line and the light brightens slowly as we obey, even so, as we disobey our testimony of truth lessens almost imperceptibly, little by little, and darkness descends so slowly that the proud may easily deny that anything is changing.

    You just have to listen to your body, as hard as that is to do, ... You want to be out there playing. You want to do all the things that are going to help your team. The bottom line is you've got to listen to your body and not disobey its orders.

    The purpose of problems is to push you toward obedience to God's laws, which are exact and cannot be changed. We have the free will to obey them or disobey them. Obedience will bring harmony, disobedience will bring you more problems.

    Musa said to him Shall I follow you on condition that you should teach me right knowledge of what you have been taught He said Surely you cannot have patience with me And how can you have patience in that of which you have not got a comprehensive knowledge He said If Allah pleases, you will find me patient and I shall not disobey you in any matter.

    But if they disobey you, then say Surely I am clear of what you do.

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