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  • You, Lord Archbishop,
    Whose see is by a civil peace maintain'd,
    Whose beard the silver hand of peace hath touch'd,
    Whose learning and good letters peace hath tutor'd,
    Whose white investments figure innocence,
    The dove, and very blessed spirit of peace-
    Wherefore you do so ill translate yourself
    Out of the speech of peace, that bears such grace,
    Into the harsh and boist'rous tongue of war;
    Turning your books to graves, your ink to blood,
    Your pens to lances, and your tongue divine
    To a loud trumpet and a point of war?
    (William Shakespeare, "")
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  • I have, alas, only one illusion left, and that is the Archbishop of Canterbury.
    (Sydney Smith)
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  • If people want a sense of purpose they should get it from their archbishop. They should certainly not get it from their politicians.
    (Harold MacMillan)
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  • After the war, prompted by the Cardinal Archbishop of Paris, I entered Parliament so that a priest could speak out for the poor, as canon law at that time still permitted.
    (Abbe Pierre)
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  • To the wife of the Archbishop of Canterbury. The Queen did not approve of married clergy. Madam, I may not call you mistress, I am shamed to call you and so I know not what to call you but howsoever, I thank you.
    (Queen Elizabeth I)
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  • Well the wedding in the words of the Archbishop of Canterbury was a fairy tale and there was a huge public impress, investment of goodwill, affection and indeed money in this Institution. It was a huge success at the time.
    (Anthony Holden)
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  • OBSESSED, p. p. Vexed by an evil spirit, like the Gadarene swine and other critics. Obsession was once more common than it is now. Arasthus tells of a peasant who was occupied by a different devil for every day in the week, and on Sundays by two. They were frequently seen, always walking in his shadow, when he had one, but were finally driven away by the village notary, a holy man but they took the peasant with them, for he vanished utterly. A devil thrown out of a woman by the Archbishop of Rheims ran through the trees, pursued by a hundred persons, until the open country was reached, where by a leap higher than a church spire he escaped into a bird. A chaplain in Cromwell's army exorcised a soldier's obsessing devil by throwing the soldier into the water, when the devil came to the surface. The soldier, unfortunately, did not.
    (Ambrose Gwinett Bierce)
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  • RELIGION, n. A daughter of Hope and Fear, explaining to Ignorance the nature of the Unknowable. What is your religion my son inquired the Archbishop of Rheims. Pardon, monseigneur, replied Rochebriant I am ashamed of it. Then why do you not become an atheist; Impossible I should be ashamed of atheism. In that case, monsieur, you should join the Protestants.
    (Ambrose Gwinett Bierce)
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  • Archbishop - A Christian ecclesiastic of a rank superior to that attained by Christ.
    (H. L. Mencken)
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  • Who will free me from this turbulent priest Speaking of Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, who refused to be subservient to the king and was later murdered by four of the King Henrys knights, 1170.
    (Henry II of England)
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  • My good Lord Archbishop, I am very sorry
    To sit here at this present, and behold
    That chair stand empty; but we all are men,
    In our own natures frail and capable
    Of our flesh; few are angels; out of which frailty
    And want of wisdom, you, that best should teach us,
    Have misdemean'd yourself, and not a little,
    Toward the King first, then his laws, in filling
    The whole realm by your teaching and your chaplains-
    For so we are inform'd-with new opinions,
    Divers and dangerous; which are heresies,
    And, not reform'd, may prove pernicious.
    (William Shakespeare, "")
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  • What I think is that we in the church - and especially I as an Archbishop - I'm responsible for maintaining our rules, and making sure we hold to unity in the Body of Christ.
    (George Carey)
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  • ARCHBISHOP, n. An ecclesiastical dignitary one point holier than a bishop.
    (Ambrose Bierce)
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  • When Jim Nicholson was ambassador to the Holy See last year, he had a memorable conversation with a Polish archbishop, introduced to him as Secretary of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. ... So what do you do.
    (Jim Nicholson)
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  • Human status ought not to depend upon the changing demands of the economic process. The Malvern Manifesto Drawn up by a Conference of the Province of York, January 10, 1941 signed for the Conference by Temple, then Archbishop of York (later Archbishop of Canterbury).
    (William Temple)
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