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    It is important to remember the dramatic escalation in the AYP targets when viewing this year's results. The dichotomy in the progress reports released today underscores why we support our state API growth model as a more accurate reflection of trends in our schools.

    One of the reasons we chose API was their phased approach to implementation. We get immediate control in phase one by eliminating paper and moving it electronically in the organization while getting familiar with the new processes that will be instituted in the following phases. It gives us a chance to develop and automate optimized business rules for Network F.O.B.

    We look at the API as another tool in our assessment bag. We use it as a means to look at where we can improve. Now we have got an idea there are a couple of sectors in our student population that may need more support.

    The software, or at least the API will eventually become open source. In an open system, what will drive the market is user experience. People will say 'I love this device' and it will be software that provides this experience.

    There are a lot of different implementations out there at the moment. A common extension for XML will benefit enterprises because they'll be able to count on this API to be stable and secure, and they needn't be concerned about incompatibilities with each vendor using a proprietary parser.

    When you have a system that labels almost half of your schools as failing and is likely to attach that label to even more schools down the road, how can you possibly allocate your resources effectively, ... Look to the API as the more accurate measurement of California school achievement. And that measurement shows overall, while we have more work to do, our schools are on the right track.

    Basically, the industry has formed a standard, and Microsoft ignores it and does something else, ... They are freezing the market when we have an API that is ready to go now. We invited them to join us several times but they declined.

    The reason we purchased the Vision console was to get that classic API sound in a 5.1 console, ... For NYU, the API Vision console will be a remarkable teaching tool. With the department's focus on contemporary music, this console will enable our students to learn recording on the best-sounding surround console in the world. We look forward to the variety of projects that our new studio and new console will attract within the university.

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