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This would be a tragedy for the school. It's an important school. Some of the best music students in the world come here.

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If Hoosiers can't get enough basketball in Indianapolis this March, they've got an addiction that we can't help them with.
Susan Williams

Chicago is a great city. We think we're better, particularly for basketball.
Susan Williams

When the national media is here, they love this place. They love the way they're treated here. They love (the) convenience of the downtown. They always say nice things about Indianapolis and that helps us with convention business, sports business and business business. It's very important.
Susan Williams

We've had great crowds, a great time. It (the strong attendance) can't hurt to have it on people's minds.
Susan Williams

Anybody who can't get their fill of basketball in March needs to go get therapy.
Susan Williams

That's real money. That number demonstrates what a market niche we have and demonstrates what the whole sports picture has become to our city's and our region's economy.
Susan Williams

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