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    They treat the luxury boxes as if it were a tailgate party,

    We're waiting for cancellations and that kind of thing, and we're doing everything in our power to make this work.

    Anybody who can't get their fill of basketball in March needs to go get therapy.

    When the national media is here, they love this place. They love the way they're treated here. They love (the) convenience of the downtown. They always say nice things about Indianapolis and that helps us with convention business, sports business and business business. It's very important.

    We have eleven schools and we have eleven area restaurants who provide a fan base for each of the schools. That gives people an opportunity to gather, to party, to celebrate, to commiserate whatever it is they do. That's been a very popular feature that we added a couple of years ago to the event and people really enjoy.

    If Hoosiers can't get enough basketball in Indianapolis this March, they've got an addiction that we can't help them with.

    She struck out several (batters), but we made some good plays and we hit behind her.

    Their leadership is with heart. The other girls can see that. They're good examples.

    My favorite number is 13. You think I'm superstitious

    That's real money. That number demonstrates what a market niche we have and demonstrates what the whole sports picture has become to our city's and our region's economy.

    Sports as economic development has been a good deal for Indianapolis. It's now become a critical economic measure for our city, which we have to retain. Lots of cities are looking at this and want what we have.

    We've had great crowds, a great time. It (the strong attendance) can't hurt to have it on people's minds.

    Kate has had a lot of amazing Ironman success so I knew she was going to be tough at the end when I was starting to fade a little bit. I saw at the turnaround that I had a mile on her, and I though that unless I really messed up I should keep the lead. I'm still kind of new at this and I'm always trying to judge my pace.

    Chicago is a great city. We think we're better, particularly for basketball.

    A little bit of senior came out in (McBride). We've gotta be ready to play. We're capable of winning.

    This would be a tragedy for the school. It's an important school. Some of the best music students in the world come here.

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