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We've definitely tried to take the romance out of the game. You don't want to be thinking about playoffs and finals and the like. We want to do away with that, and put it down to your professionalism, ability and concentration all the things that we've done all season. Just try and make it another game.

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I don't expect anything else. The way they play, they are flinging bodies forward. When you do that, you leave holes behind you, and we hope to exploit that. Everyone wants to go on the road and win, but we wouldn't be too disappointed with a draw, either.
Steve Nicol

Our good shape was huge. We could've been better with the ball, surely. But the reason we had the clean sheet was the back three did very well. And when we lost the ball, we always had somebody defending, within distance to close the ball down. Our shape
Steve Nicol

I don't think the ball was anywhere as near as good as we can. We showed some good signs but we've certainly got a lot to work on.
Steve Nicol

For the players it's fantastic that they're doing well. Hopefully, for them, they go to the World Cup. I played in one (in Mexico in 1986) and it's a great experience. For us, it's the same plan, just with different people. The personnel changes and we'll just tweak it to make it suit and to make it work.
Steve Nicol

We aren't getting penalties for whatever reason. I thought it was a penalty myself.
Steve Nicol

He's really blessed with an ability in the box, ... It's something all guys who score goals have inside them. There are certain guys who just love to score goals, and he's one of them.
Steve Nicol

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