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(About Romantic Love)

Come to finish me off sweetheart?

("The Hunger Games")

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Myself? That's no good, either.
Suzanne Collins

Just remember, stealing's punishable by death
Suzanne Collins

Impulsively, I lean forward and kiss him, stopping his word. This is probably overdue anyway since he's right, we are supposed to be madly in love.
Suzanne Collins

Just last year i wanted to kill him, but now it is my duty to save him.
Suzanne Collins

I can see the first apple teetering when I let the third arrow go, catching the torn flap and ripping it from the bag. For a moment, everything seems frozen in time. Then the apples spill to the ground and I'm blown backward into the air.
Suzanne Collins

You'll never be able to let him go. You'll always feel wrong about being with me.
Suzanne Collins

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