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Here is the first passionate love-letter I have ever written in my life. Strange, that my first passionate love-letter should have been addressed to a dead girl. Can they feel, I wonder, those white silent people we call the dead

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Nothing is so dangerous as being too modern one is apt to grow old fashioned quite suddenly.
Oscar Wilde

Pardon me, you are not engaged to any one. When you do become engaged to some one, I, or your father, should his health permit him, will inform you of the fact. An engagement should come on a young girl as a surprise, pleasant or unpleasant, as the case may be. It is hardly a matter that she could be allowed to arrange for herself.
Oscar Wilde

The poet is the supreme artist, for he is the master of colour and of form, and the real musician besides, and is lord over all life and all arts.
Oscar Wilde

A true gentleman is one who is never unintentionally rude.
Oscar Wilde

They are so pleased to find out other people's secrets. It distracts public attention from their own.
Oscar Wilde

I don't at all like knowing what people say of me behind my back. It makes me far too conceited.
Oscar Wilde

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