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(About Life)

She preferred to get high on life.

("She's Come Undone")

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I am not a smart man, particularly, but one day, at long last, I stumbled from the dark woods of my own, and my family's, and my country's past, holding in my hands these truths: that love grows from the rich loam of forgiveness; that mongrels make good dogs; that the evidence of God exists in the roundness of things. This much, at least, I've figured out. I know this much is true.
Wally Lamb

The roundness of life's design may be a sign that there is a presence beyond ourselves.
Wally Lamb

I think I write fiction for the opportunity to get beyond the limits of my own life.
Wally Lamb

Love stories are probably all I've ever been able to write or want to write.
Wally Lamb

He was right. And he was an insensitive shit.
Wally Lamb

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