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Normally at this time people are more directed to religion, doing business is not the priority.

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According to the statistics agency of the Chinese government, China invested US 7 billion in Sudan in 2005.
Michel Alaby

There is interest in further integrating the work of the chambers in both regions, which began with the Summit of Arab and South American countries.
Michel Alaby

The three island projects are already sold out.
Michel Alaby

They want to come to Brazil after tour agents. They were after material for production of matches, furniture, leather and plastic shoes, iron bars, machinery for the textile industry, electronic products, artificial sweetener, machinery for preparation and preservation of food for hotels and restaurants.
Michel Alaby

The growth was 5.5. With the increase in oil prices, the Arab countries have accumulated foreign funds and have been able to invest more money in imports. The countries have grown due to oil.
Michel Alaby

We also discussed the part of Arab chambers in the development of trade and of investment in the Arab countries, especially in Saudi Arabia.
Michel Alaby

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