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    The three island projects are already sold out.

    It was a courtesy visit. He is a very pleasant and intelligent man.

    The idea is to discuss our activities and talk about proposals to further expand our operations.

    Normally at this time people are more directed to religion, doing business is not the priority.

    They want to come to Brazil after tour agents. They were after material for production of matches, furniture, leather and plastic shoes, iron bars, machinery for the textile industry, electronic products, artificial sweetener, machinery for preparation and preservation of food for hotels and restaurants.

    As an example of the cooperation existing among the governments, the idea is also to establish and intensify cooperation between chambers of commerce in both regions.

    The demand for oil is going to continue growing, especially in China and the United States.

    The country has natural gas, one of the strongest growing alternative energies that has been gaining more and more importance around the world.

    There are already 30,000 hotel rooms and around 70,000 people are already living at the place.

    One of the proposals is to link the sites. Another is to exchange information about investment, trade, tourism and business.

    We also discussed the part of Arab chambers in the development of trade and of investment in the Arab countries, especially in Saudi Arabia.

    Not only between the Arab nations and Brazil, but also with the countries of South America. This is a very strong option for expansion of business, attracting investment and promoting the transfer of technologies. And I made this very clear.

    He is a person of great importance in defending humanitarian matters and a respected intellectual. He will be able to see a bit more of the country's potential and will, surely, transmit this knowledge to the political and entrepreneurial classes in Jordan.

    According to the statistics agency of the Chinese government, China invested US 7 billion in Sudan in 2005.

    We have exceeded forecasts. Such large growth was not expected.

    He said he greatly appreciated having had the opportunity of visiting the Chamber.

    There is interest in further integrating the work of the chambers in both regions, which began with the Summit of Arab and South American countries.

    The idea is to make the chambers speak to the governments to implement these proposals.

    The growth was 5.5. With the increase in oil prices, the Arab countries have accumulated foreign funds and have been able to invest more money in imports. The countries have grown due to oil.

    They are extracting 500,000 barrels per day, but plan on reaching 2 million barrels in 2008.

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