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A Paradox, the doughnut hole. Empty space, once, but now they've learned to market even that. A minus quantity; nothing, rendered edible. I wondered if they might be used-metaphorically, of course-to demonstrate the existence of God. Does naming a sphere of nothingness transmute it into being?

("The Blind Assassin")

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Ten days after the war ended, my sister Laura drove a car off a bridge.
Margaret Atwood

He considers me also a little fragile because artistic. I need to be cared for, like a potted plant.
Margaret Atwood

Ordinary, said Aunt Lydia, is what you are used to. This may not seem ordinary to you now, but after a time it will. It will become ordinary.
Margaret Atwood

Murderess, murderess, he whispers to himself. It has an allure, a scent almost. Hothouse gardenias. Lurid, but also furtive. He imagines himself breathing it as he draws Grace towards him, pressing his mouth against her. Murderess. He applies it to her throat like a brand.
Margaret Atwood

In my dreams of this city I am always lost.
Margaret Atwood

You can think clearly only with your clothes on.
Margaret Atwood

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