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When you are done listening to all thirteen sides - because there are thirteen sides to every story - rewind the tapes, put them back in the box, and pass them on to whoever follows your little tale. And you, lucky number thirteen, you can take the tapes straight to hell. Depending on your religion, maybe I'll see you there.

("Thirteen Reasons Why")

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Then come to realize that you're making mountains out of molehills. Realize how petty you've become. Sure, it may feel like you can't get a grip on this town. It may seem that every time someone offers you a hand up, they just let go and you slip further down. But you must stop being so pessimistic, Hannah, and learn to trust those around you. So I do. One more time.
Jay Asher

How many times had I let myself connect with someone only to have it thrown back in my face?
Jay Asher

Whenever I'm out late she makes a sandwich for my school lunch. I always protest and tell her not to, saying I'll make my own when I get home. But she likes it. She says it reminds her of when I was younger and needed her.
Jay Asher

And everyone knows you can't disprove a rumor.
Jay Asher

What you don't understand, you can make mean anything.
Jay Asher

This was no spur of the moment decision... do not take me for granted.
Jay Asher

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