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She's excited to see the new track after all those years of running there in high school and for three years in college.

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It's a very emotional time for us all down here. He's been here since he was born and he's the sort of horse that touched all of our lives.
Dick Lee

This will be one of our lightest years we've had in a long time. It's probably about half of what we normally do. You lose a star, you don't have anybody to replace them.
Dick Lee

We should be able to be pretty competitive out on the track this weekend. We've continued to improve week by week.
Dick Lee

This is the biggest one we have all year. It's one of the top Division I meets in the country.
Dick Lee

If we had the (kids with illness and injuries) with us, we'd feel pretty good about the weekend. It's going to limit us as to the points we can score.
Dick Lee

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