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    You're really not that good a mechanic, Edward. Maybe you should have Rosalie take a look at it tonight, just so you look good if Mike decides to let you help, you know. Not that it wouldn't be fun to watch his face if Rosalie showed up to help. But since Rosalie is supposed to be across the country attending college, I guess that's not the best idea. Too bad.

    The great thing about working out at a gym is that if you put in effort, you get very obvious results. The same should be true of college. A professor's job is to teach students how to see their minds growing in the same way they can see their muscles grow when they look in a mirror.

    Most days, for the last dozen or so years, I attributed to Charlie, or at least to our breakup, most things that have gone wrong for me. Like: I wouldn't have packed in college; I wouldn't have gone to work in Record and Tape; I wouldn't have had an unsatisfactory personal life. This is the woman who broke my heart, who ruined my life, this woman is single-handedly responsible for my poverty and directionlessness and failure, the woman I dreamed about regularly for a good five years.

    My passion for that recovery began when I was in grad school. I was assigned to read the women poets that Emily Dickinson read and I was hooked. I began obsessively reading 19th-century novels by women. There was a richness, humor and a detailed portrayal of the plight of women in 19th-century America. It became a cause for me to bring the possibility of teaching these writers at the college level to the forefront.

    A psychologist once asked a group of college students to jot down, in thirty seconds, the initials of the people they disliked. Some of the students taking the test could think of only one person. Others listed as many as fourteen. The interesting fact that came out of this bit of research was this Those who disliked the largest number were themselves the most widely disliked. When we find ourselves continually disliking others, we ought to bring ourselves up short and ask ourselves the question 'What is wrong with me.'

    Unequal funding resources also results in unequal educational opportunity when you consider studies that show that one half of low income students who are qualified to attend college do not attend because they can't afford to.

    I feel pretty good, ... To not swing a baseball bat in almost a year, no spring training, and go to a college and hit in a cage for a week and come out here and face major league pitching ... like I try to tell these guys, 'If I give you a little, it's a lot in this stage.'

    A professional player is smarter than a college man. He uses his noodle. He knows what to do and when to do it. He rarely goes up in the air as is the case with most of our college players when they get in a tight place.

    I've always wanted to be a coach I never wanted to play basketball professionally. I happened to get lucky and made a career out of it, but my decision was to be a college coach when I was in college. But I got sidetracked with this.

    I think any new guy coming in, it's going to happen. I kind of expected that. Jeff told me to expect that. Like I said, it gave me a chance to work on my composure. In the past it's kind of gotten to me in college and I've been working on it a lot. I felt like I did a good job with it.

    He was a very tough teacher, but a very fair teacher. Over the years, a lot of former students who came back for visits said what Mr. Bassett taught them carried them all the way through college.

    The greatest challenge I think is adjusting to not playing baseball. The reason for that is I had to come out of baseball and come into the business world, not being a college graduate, not being educated to come into the business world the way I should have.

    He had been given a strong faith through his parents. As an adult, in his teen years and early college, he kind of got away from the church, and ended up going to St. John's University in Minnesota. Tom was very intellectual, enjoyed the discourse with monks, had a lot of questions, and I think the monks provided a great insight into the faith he had grown up with and somehow had been missing.

    People around college baseball are excited. I have a college-aged son who said he wants one. My assistant's son is 10, and it's, 'Can I have one, Mom' We're reaching a different market than guys my age 57.

    For someone already in college I think the best route would be to just try to minimize the amount of student loans that you acquire so that you're not faced with a large amount of debt when you graduate.

    It has to be the right kind of kid, somebody who has a level of reliability who could benefit from another semester of seasoning to get ready to play. It gives them a better chance to get settled in college.

    I did a little practice. I watched the college dunk contest on TV. I've always played H-OR-S-E. I've just never won before because (former teammate) Ashley Gates was too good of a shooter.

    We have entered a stage right now in college basketball where 15 years ago, it would have been maybe totally no way George Mason could go to the Final Four. It just goes to show how many good coaches there are out there, how many good players there are out there. On any given night, anybody can beat anybody.

    When you did what we did at school ... it's not like this Major League level, but still, winning a World Series in college is a pretty good deal. You're always going to remember that. Obviously, you're going to feel something different for guys that you played with on a team like that.

    I got out of college and I went to get my master's in creative writing at San Francisco State. I was working as an actor at the Actor's Workshop, being abused as a intern.

    We couldn't pass up an opportunity to play a program like LSU. They have so much history and tradition and respect in the SEC, and as a program won a national title a couple years ago and finished fifth last season. They have been one of the premiere programs in all of college football of this decade. We are looking forward to the trip to Death Valley, where it is difficult to win. We are looking forward to that challenge.

    Wisconsin Democrats are focused on making life more affordable for our middle-class families, so they can pay for their health care, have a good-paying job and send their kids to college. Whether it is our schools, health care, jobs, energy costs, or the ongoing war in Iraq, one thing is clear When it comes to these priorities, Democrats are on the side of Wisconsin families.

    College is a be-all, end-all you make more money if you get a college degree. There's not a level playing field. In Paterson, we didn't have textbooks, but then I moved up here and there's five computers in every classroom.

    I knew that he had great numbers in college. Still, it's a tough assessment when you look at those numbers and then project what players will do when they get to this level. Jesse has been nothing but a pleasant surprise for us. Particularly, he's been driving the net for us, which we hadn't had.

    Their generosity exemplifies the commitment our faculty and staff have to helping our students succeed. These Trustee Matching Scholarships will help students who may otherwise not be able to attend college.

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