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To have peace in the Middle East, we are going to have to see that religion is a source of peace.

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What the Bush administration needs to do is ... make their own assessment exactly what the landscape is. What's possible, what's meaningful. And if they focus that way, that will inevitably take some time.
Dennis Ross

make the decision on how to resume with the final procedures.
Dennis Ross

In these countries there still is a climate that certainly makes it possible and doesn't make it illegitimate to embrace this ideology.
Dennis Ross

If you are embracing violence, if you insist on maintaining an independent militia, if you reject the idea of coexistence, you are not a partner and we will not deal with you, ... The point is to be very clear don't try to be overly subtle on this one.
Dennis Ross

What's important is not meetings for their own sake but results ... that will have a consequence on the security environment.
Dennis Ross

It looks as if the world sees Arafat as someone who ended his life as someone who was determined to prevent peace or was against it,
Dennis Ross

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