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(About Religions & Spirituality)

Religion is more than rite and ritual.

("Life of Pi")

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We commonly say in the trade that the most dangerous animal in a zoo is Man.
Yann Martel

I blinked deliberately, expecting my eyelids to act like lumberjacks. But the trees would not fall.
Yann Martel

Life is a peephole, a single tiny entry onto a vastness--how can I not dwell on this brief, cramped view of things? This peephole is all I've got!
Yann Martel

If there's only one nation in the sky, shouldn't all passports be valid for it?
Yann Martel

Misery loves company, and madness calls it forth.
Yann Martel

It was frightening, the extent to which a full belly made for a good mood.
Yann Martel

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