Emily Dickinson Poems (2290 Poems)

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    What Soft-Cherubi (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    401 What Soft-Cherubic Creatures-These Gentlewomen are-One would as soon assault a Plush-Or violate a Star- Such Dimity Convictions-A Horror so refinedOf freckled Human Nature-Of Deity-ashamed- It’s such a common-Glory-A Fisherman’s-Degree-Redemption-Brittle Lady-Be so-ashamed of Thee- (Emily Dickinson)

    We learned the Whole of Love (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    568 We learned the Whole of Love-The Alphabet-the Words-A Chapter-then the mighty Book-Then-Revelation closed- But in Each Other’s eyesAn Ignorance beheld-Diviner than the Childhood’s-And each to each, a Child- Attempted to expoundWhat Neither-understood-Alas, that Wisdom is so large-And Truth-so manifold! … Continue reading

    The Martyr Poets-did not tell (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    544 The Martyr Poets-did not tell-But wrought their Pang in syllable-That when their mortal name be numb-Their mortal fate-encourage Some- The Martyr Painters-never spoke-Bequeathing-rather-to their Work-That when their conscious fingers cease-Some seek in Art-the Art of Peace- (Emily Dickinson)

    On a Columnar Self (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    789 On a Columnar Self-How ample to relyIn Tumult-or Extremity-How good the Certainty That Lever cannot pry-And Wedge cannot divideConviction-That Granitic Base-Though None be on our Side- Suffice Us-for a Crowd-Ourself-and Rectitude-And that Assembly-not far offFrom furthest Spirit-God- (Emily Dickinson)

    How noteless Men, and Pleiads, stand (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    How noteless Men, and Pleiads, stand,Until a sudden skyReveals the fact that One is raptForever from the Eye- Members of the Invisible,Existing, while we stare,In Leagueless Opportunity,O’ertakenless, as the Air- Why didn’t we detain Them?The Heavens with a smile,Sweep by … Continue reading

    Nature is what we see- (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    Nature is what we see-The Hill-the Afternoon-Squirrel-Eclipse-the Bumble bee-Nay-Nature is Heaven-Nature is what we hear-The Bobolink-the Sea-Thunder-the Cricket-Nay-Nature is Harmony-Nature is what we know-Yet have no art to say-So impotent Our Wisdom isTo her Simplicity. (Emily Dickinson)

    God is a distant – stat (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    357 God is a distant – stately Lover –Woos, as He states us – by His Son –Verily, a Vicarious Courtship –“Miles”, and “Priscilla”, were such an One – But, lest the Soul – like fair “Priscilla”Choose the Envoy – … Continue reading

    We Cover Thee-Sweet Face (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    482 We Cover Thee-Sweet Face-Not that We tire of Thee-But that Thyself fatigue of Us-Remember-as Thou go-We follow Thee untilThou notice Us-no more-And then-reluctant-turn awayTo Con Thee o’er and o’er- And blame the scanty loveWe were Content to show-Augmented-Sweet-a Hundred … Continue reading

    ‘Tis Opposites – en (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    ‘Tis Opposites – entice –Deformed Men – ponder Grace –Bright fires-the Blanketless –The Lost – Day’s face – The Blind – esteem it beEnough Estate – to see –The Captive – strangles new –For deeming – Beggars – play – … Continue reading

    Exhilaration (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    383 Exhilaration – is within –There can no Outer WineSo royally intoxicateAs that diviner Brand The Soul achieves – Herself –To drink – or set awayFor Visitor – Or Sacrament –‘Tis not of Holiday To stimulate a ManWho hath the … Continue reading

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