Emily Dickinson Poems (2290 Poems)

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    It’s coming-the postponeless (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    390 It’s coming-the postponeless Creature-It gains the Block-and now-it gains the Door-Chooses its latch, from all the other fastenings-Enters-with a “You know Me-Sir”? Simple Salute-and certain Recognition-Bold-were it Enemy-Brief-were it friend-Dresses each House in Crape, and Icicle-And carries one-out of … Continue reading

    She rose to his requirement, (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    She rose to his requirement, droppedThe playthings of her lifeTo take the honorable workOf woman and of wife. If aught she missed in her new dayOf amplitude, or awe,Or first prospective, or the goldIn using wore away, It lay unmentioned, … Continue reading

    To buy a flower (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    Perhaps you’d like to buy a flower,But I could never sell-If you would like to borrow,Until the Daffodil Unties her yellow BonnetBeneath the village door,Until the Bees, from Clover rowsTheir Hock, and Sherry, draw, Why, I will lend until just … Continue reading

    Kill your Balm-and its Odors bless you (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    238 Kill your Balm-and its Odors bless you-Bare your Jessamine-to the storm-And she will fling her maddest perfume-Haply-your Summer night to Charm- Stab the Bird-that built in your bosom-Oh, could you catch her last Refrain-Bubble! “forgive”-“Some better”-Bubble!“Carol for Him-when I … Continue reading

    Some-Work for Immortality (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    406 Some-Work for Immortality-The Chiefer part, for Time-He-Compensates-immediately-The former-Checks-on Fame- Slow Gold-but Everlasting-The Bullion of Today-Contrasted with the CurrencyOf Immortality- A Beggar-Here and There-Is gifted to discernBeyond the Broker’s insight-One’s-Money-One’s-the Mine- (Emily Dickinson)

    Glowing is her Bonnet (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    72 Glowing is her Bonnet,Glowing is her Cheek,Glowing is her Kirtle,Yet she cannot speak. Better as the DaisyFrom the Summer hillVanish unrecordedSave by tearful rill – Save by loving sunriseLooking for her face.Save by feet unnumberedPausing at the place. (Emily … Continue reading

    I went to heaven,– (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    I went to heaven,—‘T was a small town,Lit with a ruby,Lathed with down.Stiller than the fieldsAt the full dew,Beautiful as picturesNo man drew.People like the moth,Of mechlin, frames,Duties of gossamer,And eider names.Almost contentedI could be‘Mong such uniqueSociety. (Emily Dickinson)

    Unto Me? I do not know you- (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    Unto Me? I do not know you-Where may be your House? “I am Jesus-Late of Judea-Now-of Paradise”- Wagons-have you-to convey me?This is far from Thence- “Arms of Mine-sufficient Phaeton-Trust Omnipotence”- I am spotted-“I am Pardon”-I am small-“The LeastIs esteemed in … Continue reading

    May Flower (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    Pink, small, and punctual, Aromatic, low, Covert in April, Candid in May, Dear to the moss, Known by the knoll, Next to the robin In every human soul. Bold little beauty, Bedecked with thee, Nature forswears Antiquity. (Emily Dickinson)

    Morns like these-we parted (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    27 Morns like these-we parted-Noons like these-she rose-Fluttering first-then firmerTo her fair repose. Never did she lisp it-It was not for me-She-was mute from transport-I-from agony- Till-the evening nearingOne the curtains drew-Quick! A Sharper rustling!And this linnet flew! (Emily Dickinson)

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