Emily Dickinson Poems (2290 Poems)

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    XVI (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    To fight aloud, is very brave-But gallanter, I knowWho charge within the bosomThe Cavalry of Woe- Who win, and nations do not see-Who fall-and none observe-Whose dying eyes, no CountryRegards with patriot love- We trust, in plumed processionFor such, the … Continue reading

    Just so-Jesus-rap (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    317 Just so-Jesus-raps-He-doesn’t weary-Last-at the Knocker-And first-at the Bell.Then-on divinest tiptoe-standing-Might He but spy the lady’s soul-When He-retires-Chilled-or weary-It will be ample time for-me-Patient-upon the steps-until then-Hears! I am knocking-low at thee. (Emily Dickinson)

    Our journey had advanced (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    Our journey had advanced-Our feet were almost comeTo that odd Fork in Being’s Road-Eternity-by Term- Our pace took sudden awe-Our feet-reluctant-led-Before-were Cities-but Between-The Forest of the Dead- Retreat-was out of Hope-Behind-a Sealed Route-Eternity’s White Flag-Before-And God-at every Gate- (Emily Dickinson)

    Without this-there is nought (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    655 Without this-there is nought-All other Riches beAs is the Twitter of a Bird-Heard opposite the Sea- I could not care-to gainA lesser than the Whole-For did not this include themself-As Seams-include the Ball? I wished a way might beMy … Continue reading

    Morning-mean (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    Morning-means “Milking”-to the Farmer-Dawn-to the Teneriffe-Dice-to the Maid-Morning means just Risk-to the Lover-Just revelation-to the Beloved- Epicures-date a Breakfast-by it-Brides-an Apocalypse-Worlds-a Flood-Faint-going Lives-Their Lapse from Sighing-Faith-The Experiment of Our Lord (Emily Dickinson)

    ‘Twas Love – not me (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    394‘Twas Love – not me –Oh punish – pray –The Real one died for Thee –Just Him – not me – Such Guilt – to love Thee – most!Doom it beyond the Rest –Forgive it – last –‘Twas base as … Continue reading

    Myself was formed-a Carpenter (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    488 Myself was formed-a Carpenter-An unpretending timeMy Plane-and I, together wroughtBefore a Builder came- To measure our attainments-Had we the Art of BoardsSufficiently developed-He’d hire usAt Halves- My Tools took Human-Faces-The Bench, where we had toiled-Against the Man-persuaded-We-Temples build-I said- … Continue reading

    My Reward for Being, was This (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    343 My Reward for Being, was This.My premium-My Bliss-An Admiralty, less-A Sceptre-penniless-And Realms-just Dross- When Thrones accost my Hands-With “Me, Miss, Me”-I’ll unroll Thee-Dominions dowerless-beside this Grace-Election-Vote-The Ballots of Eternity, will show just that. (Emily Dickinson)

    She hideth Her the last (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    557 She hideth Her the last-And is the first, to rise-Her Night doth hardly recompenseThe Closing of Her eyes- She doth Her Purple Work-And putteth Her awayIn low Apartments in the Sod –As worthily as We. To imitate her lifeAs … Continue reading

    The Months have ends-the Years-a knot (Emily Dickinson Poems)

    423 The Months have ends-the Years-a knot-No Power can untieTo stretch a little furtherA Skein of Misery- The Earth lays back these tired livesIn her mysterious Drawers-Too tenderly, that any doubtAn ultimate Repose- The manner of the Children-Who weary of … Continue reading

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