Emily Dickinson Poems (2289 Poems)

On a Columnar Self (Emily Dickinson Poems)

789On a Columnar Self-How ample to relyIn Tumult-or Extremity-How good the CertaintyThat Lever cannot pry-And Wedge cannot divideConviction-That Granitic Base-Though ...

May Flower (Emily Dickinson Poems)

Pink, small, and punctual,Aromatic, low,Covert in April,Candid in May, Dear to the moss,Known by the knoll,Next to the robinIn every ...

Inconceivabl (Emily Dickinson Poems)

582Inconceivably solemn!Things go gayPierce-by the very PressOf Imagery-Their far Parades-order on the eyeWith a mute Pomp-A pleading Pageantry-Flags, are a ...

Morning-mean (Emily Dickinson Poems)

Morning-means "Milking"-to the Farmer-Dawn-to the Teneriffe-Dice-to the Maid-Morning means just Risk-to the Lover-Just revelation-to the Beloved-Epicures-date a Breakfast-by it-Brides-an Apocalypse-Worlds-a ...

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