Emily Dickinson Poems (2289 Poems)

Some-Work for Immortality (Emily Dickinson Poems)

406Some-Work for Immortality-The Chiefer part, for Time-He-Compensates-immediately-The former-Checks-on Fame-Slow Gold-but Everlasting-The Bullion of Today-Contrasted with the CurrencyOf Immortality-A Beggar-Here and ...

XVI (Emily Dickinson Poems)

To fight aloud, is very brave-But gallanter, I knowWho charge within the bosomThe Cavalry of Woe-Who win, and nations do ...

What Soft-Cherubi (Emily Dickinson Poems)

401What Soft-Cherubic Creatures-These Gentlewomen are-One would as soon assault a Plush-Or violate a Star-Such Dimity Convictions-A Horror so refinedOf freckled ...

Just so-Jesus-rap (Emily Dickinson Poems)

317Just so-Jesus-raps-He-doesn't weary-Last-at the Knocker-And first-at the Bell.Then-on divinest tiptoe-standing-Might He but spy the lady's soul-When He-retires-Chilled-or weary-It will be ...

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