Emily Dickinson Poems (2289 Poems)

One Year ago-jots what? (Emily Dickinson Poems)

296One Year ago-jots what?God-spell the word! I-can't-Was't Grace? Not that-Was't Glory? That-will do-Spell slower-Glory-Such Anniversary shall be-Sometimes-not often-in Eternity-When farther ...

The Purple Clover (Emily Dickinson Poems)

There is a flower that Bees prefer-And Butterflies-desire-To gain the Purple DemocratThe Humming Bird-aspire-And Whatsoever Insect pass-A Honey bear awayProportioned ...

It’s thoughts-and (Emily Dickinson Poems)

It's thoughts-and just One Heart-And Old Sunshine-about-Make frugal-Ones-Content-And two or three-for Company-Upon a Holiday-Crowded-as Sacrament-Books-when the Unit-Spare the Tenant-long eno'-A ...

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