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A Prison gets to be a friend


A Prison gets to be a friend -
Between its Ponderous face
And Ours - a Kinsmanship express -
And in its narrow Eyes -

We come to look with gratitude
For the appointed Beam
It deal us - stated as our food -
And hungered for - the same -

We learn to know the Planks -
That answer to Our feet -
So miserable a sound - at first -
Nor ever now - so sweet -

As plashing in the Pools -
When Memory was a Boy -
But a Demurer Circuit -
A Geometric Joy -

The Posture of the Key
That interrupt the Day
To Our Endeavor - Not so real
The Check of Liberty -

As this Phantasm Steel -
Whose features - Day and Night -
Are present to us - as Our Own -
And as escapeless - quite -

The narrow Round - the Stint -
The slow exchange of Hope -
For something passiver - Content
Too steep for lookinp up -

The Liberty we knew
Avoided - like a Dream -
Too wide for any Night but Heaven -
If That - indeed - redeem -