Poems about unreason (19 Poems)

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    Among the Hills (John Greenleaf Whittier Poems)

    PRELUDEALONG the roadside, like the flowers of goldThat tawny Incas for their gardens wrought,Heavy with sunshine droops the golden-rod,And the red pennons of the cardinal-flowersHang motionless upon their upright staves.The sky is hot and hazy, and the wind,Vying-weary with its … Continue reading

    The City (Howard Phillips Lovecraft Poems)

    It was golden and splendid,                             That City of light;                               A vision suspended                                 In deeps of the night;                             A region of wonder and glory, whose temples were marble and white.                                                I remember the season                                It dawn’d on my gaze;                              The mad … Continue reading

    The Minister’s Daughter (John Greenleaf Whittier Poems)

    In the minister’s morning sermonHe had told of the primal fall,And how thenceforth the wrath of GodRested on each and all. And how of His will and pleasure,All souls, save a chosen few,Were doomed to the quenchless burning,And held in … Continue reading

    My Lady Of Whims (Katharine Lee Bates Poems)

    (A medieval Spanish legend slanderously setting forth the utter unreason of woman.)ROMAQUIA sat and wept herLace mantilla full of tears.King Abit laid by his scepter,Left the Council of the Peers.“Now what sorrow makes thee cry, mate?Queen of Seville, sobbing so?”“‘Tis … Continue reading

    Birth-Dues (Robinson Jeffers Poems)

    Joy is a trick in the air; pleasure is merelycontemptible, the dangledCarrot the ass follows to market or precipice;But limitary pain — the rock under the towerand the hewn copingThat takes thunder at the head of the turret-Terrible and real. … Continue reading

    Hymn In our unreason and unrest (John Bowring Poems)

    In our unreason and unrest,How little know we what is best! How little can explore the deepWhence emanates our weal and woe!But this we feel, and this we know, “God giveth His beloved sleep.” He, while we ramble far aboutIn realms of … Continue reading

    The Mother (Nettie Palmer Poems)

    IN the sorrow and the terror of the nations,  In a world shaken through by lamentations,   Shall I dare know happiness   That I stitch a baby’s dress?   So: for I shall be a mother with the mothers,      I shall know … Continue reading

    Janiveer in March (Henry Cuyler Bunner Poems)

    I would not have you so kindly,Thus early in friendship’s year-A little too gently, blindly,You let me near. So long as my voice is dulyCalm as a friend’s should be,In my eyes the hunger unrulyYou will not see. The eyes … Continue reading

    Alsace-Lorraine (George Meredith Poems)

    I The sister Hours in circles linked,Daughters of men, of men the mates,Are gone on flow with the day that winked,With the night that spanned at golden gates.Mothers, they leave us, quickening seed;They bear us grain or flower or weed,As … Continue reading

    To A Mountain Streamlet (Emily Pfeiffer Poems)

    Bright burn, that flings itself or flows                      Among the blooming heather,                      Here let me for a space repose      … Continue reading

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