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Giving Calhoun the Ball  (by: Brian Cavanaugh, T.O.R.)
There once was this important football game between two teams. One teams was much larger than the other. The larger team was dominating the game and beating the smaller team. The coach for the smaller team saw that his team was not able to contain or block the larger team.
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Growing Up  (by: Rubel Shelly)
As an editorial in the Caledonian-Record of St. Johnsbury, Vermont, putit: "Friday night five teen-age girls at Danville High School becamefive young adults, and they did so with class." I thought you'd like toknow the story.
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His Life's Work  (by: Wyverne Flatt)
When his wife died, the baby was two. They had six other children - three boys and three girls, ranging in age from 4 to 16.
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Sword of Damocles, The  (by: James Baldwin)
There once was a king named Dionysius who ruled in Syracuse, the richest city in Sicily. He lived in a fine palace where there were many beautiful and costly things, and he was waited upon by a host of servants who were always ready to do his bidding.
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