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(About God, Service)

Tis mad idolatry; To make the service greater than the god.

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And be not jealous on me, gentle Brutus;
Were I a common laugher, or did use
To stale with ordinary oaths my love
To every new protester, if you know
That I do fawn on men and hug them hard
And after scandal them, or if you know
That I profess myself in banqueting
To all the rout, then hold me dangerous.
William Shakespeare

For mine own part, it was Greek to me.
William Shakespeare

The force of his own merit makes his waya gift that heaven gives for him.
William Shakespeare

That you have wrong'd me doth appear in this:
You have condemn'd and noted Lucius Pella
For taking bribes here of the Sardians,
Wherein my letters, praying on his side,
Because I knew the man, were slighted off.
William Shakespeare

Pleasure and action make the hours seem short.
William Shakespeare

Love like a shadow flies when substance love pursues; Pursuing that that flies, and flying what pursues.
William Shakespeare

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