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(About Love)

O me, you juggler, you canker-blossom, you thief of love!

("A Midsummer Night's Dream")

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O she's warm.If this be magic, let it be an artLawful as eating.
William Shakespeare

O heaven, the vanity of wretched fools!
William Shakespeare

Thus is poor Suffolk ten times banished,
Once by the King and three times thrice by thee,
'Tis not the land I care for, wert thou thence;
A wilderness is populous enough,
So Suffolk had thy heavenly company;
For where thou art, there is the world itself,
With every several pleasure in the world;
And where thou art not, desolation.
William Shakespeare

She dreams on him that has forgot her love:
You dote on her that cares not for your love.
William Shakespeare

Thou hast a grim appearance, and thy face; Bears a command in't though thy tackle's torn, Thou show'st a noble vessel. What's thy name.
William Shakespeare

I know my duty; you are all undutiful.
William Shakespeare

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