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(About Man)

If you do love old men, if your sweet sway
Allow obedience- if yourselves are old,
Make it your cause!

(The Tragedy Of King Lear)

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Nature teaches beasts to know their friends.
William Shakespeare

O good old man, how well in thee appears The constant service of the antique world, When service sweat for duty, not for meed Thou art not for the fashion of these times, Where none will sweat but for promotion, And having that do choke their service up Even with the having....
William Shakespeare

On my soul, I'll speak but truth.
William Shakespeare

So that, dear lords, if I be left behind,
A moth of peace, and he go to the war,
The rites for which I love him are bereft me,
And I a heavy interim shall support
By his dear absence.
William Shakespeare

O that way madness lies let me shun that.
William Shakespeare

I am to wait, though waiting so be hell,
Not blame your pleasure, be it ill or well.
William Shakespeare

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