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Here come the lovers, full of joy and mirth.- Joy, gentle friends! joy and fresh days of love Accompany your hearts!

("A Midsummer Night's Dream")

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My brother killed no man-his fault was thought,
And yet his punishment was bitter death.
William Shakespeare

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.
William Shakespeare

I heard of one of them no
longer than yesterday: a very honest woman, but something given
to lie, as a woman should not do but in the way of honesty; how
she died of the biting of it, what pain she felt- truly she makes
a very good report o' th' worm.
William Shakespeare

Trifles light as air Are to the jealous confirmations strong As proofs of holy writ.
William Shakespeare

Sweet widow, by my state I swear to thee
I speak no more than what my soul intends;
And that is to enjoy thee for my love.
William Shakespeare

O tigers heart wrapped in a womans hide.
William Shakespeare

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