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(About Money & Wealth)

Making or getting money is a kind of game where there are not any rules at all.

("Light in August")

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He never denied it. He never did anything. He never acted like either a nigger or a white man. That was it. That was what made the folks so mad.
William Faulkner

Purity is a negative state and therefore contrary to nature.
William Faulkner

He had a word, too. Love, he called it. But I had been used to words for a long time. I knew that that word was like the others just a shape to fill a lack that when the right time came, you wouldn't need a word for that anymore than for pride or fear.
William Faulkner

A writer must teach himself that the basest of all things is to be afraid.
William Faulkner

Dear God, let me be damned a little longer, a little while.
William Faulkner

Given the choice between the experience of pain and nothing, I would choose pain.
William Faulkner

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