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There seemed to be nothing to see no fences, no creeks or trees, no hills or fields. If there was a road, I could not make it out in the faint starlight. There was nothing but land not a country at all, but the material out of which countries are made.

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It does not matter much whom we live with in this world, but it matters a great deal whom we dream of.
Willa Cather

A child's attitude toward everything is an artist's attitude.
Willa Cather

The supreme virtue in art is soul, perhaps it is the only thing which gives it the right to be.
Willa Cather

What was any art but a mould in which to imprison for a moment the shining elusive element which is life itself - life hurrying past us and running away, too strong to stop, too sweet to lose.
Willa Cather

I don't want anyone reading my writing to think about style. I just want them to be in the story.
Willa Cather

Trees were so rare in that country, and they had to make such a hard fight to grow, that we used to feel anxious about them, and visit them as if they were persons. It must have been the scarcity of detail in that tawny landscape that made detail so precious.
Willa Cather

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