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Alcohol is perfectly consistent in its effects upon man. Drunkenness is merely an exaggeration. A foolish man drunk becomes maudlin a bloody man, vicious a coarse man, vulgar.

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He had the uneasy manner of a man who is not among his own kind, and who has not seen enough of the world to feel that all people are in some sense his own kind
Willa Cather

I tell you there is such a thing as creative hate.
Willa Cather

I shall not die of a cold. I shall die of having lived.
Willa Cather

It does not matter much whom we live with in this world, but it matters a great deal whom we dream of.
Willa Cather

Writing ought either to be the manufacture of stories for which there is a market demand -- a business as safe and commendable as making soap or breakfast foods -- or it should be an art, which is always a search for something for which there is no market demand, something new and untried, where the values are intrinsic and have nothing to do with standardized values.
Willa Cather

The irregular and intimate quality of things made entirely by the human hand.
Willa Cather

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