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M. Mabeuf's political opinion was a passionate fondness for plants, and a still greater one for books. He had, like everybody else, his termination in ist, without which nobody could have lived in those times, but he was neither a royalist, nor a Bonapartist, nor a chartist, nor an Orleanist, nor an anarchist; he was an old-bookist.

("Les Miserables")

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I'd rather be hissed at for a good verse, than applauded for a bad one.
Victor Hugo

To love another person is to see the face of God.
Victor Hugo

The greatest blunders, like the thickest ropes, are often compounded of a multitude of strands. Take the rope apart, separate it into the small threads that compose it, and you can break them one by one. You think, That is all there was But twist
Victor Hugo

Every man who has in his soul a secret feeling of revolt against any act of the State, of life, or of destiny, is on the verge of riot; and so soon as it appears, he begins to quiver, and to feel himself borne away by the whirlwind.
Victor Hugo

The beautiful has but one type, the ugly has a thousand.
Victor Hugo

Genius is a promontory jutting out of the infinite.
Victor Hugo

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