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Each move is dictated by the previous one--that is the meaning of order

("Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead")

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There we were - demented children mincing about in clothes that no one ever wore, speaking as no man ever spoke, swearing love in wigs and rhymed couplets, killing each other with wooden swords, hollow protestations of faith hurled after empty promises of vengeance - and every gesture, every pose, vanishing into the thin unpopulated air. We ransomed our dignity to the clouds, and the uncomprehending birds listened. Don't you see?! We're actors - we're the opposite of people!
Tom Stoppard

I still believe that if your aim is to change the world, journalism is a more immediate short-term weapon.
Tom Stoppard

It is an interesting view of atheism, as a sort of crutch for those who can't stand the reality of God.
Tom Stoppard

It would have been nice to have had unicorns.
Tom Stoppard

The days of the digital watch are numbered.
Tom Stoppard

The results of the divorce between truth and human beings can be most graphically observed in politics
Tom Stoppard

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