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All a person can do in this life is gather about him his integrity, his imagination, and his individuality - and with these ever with him, out front and in sharp focus, leap into the dance of experience.

("Even Cowgirls Get the Blues")

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Under an orchard tree, dropping with cherries, cowgirls lay in the shade. They fed each other fruit. Dark juice dribbled into dimples. Cherry meat stained smiles and nostrils.
Tom Robbins

The party in Alobar's head, which agitation and anxiety were throwing, now was crashed by a notion: existence can be rearranged.
Tom Robbins

Life is too small a container for certain individuals. Some of them, such as Alobar, huff and puff and try to expand the container. Others, such as Kudra, seek to pry the lid off and hop out.
Tom Robbins

Time brought along its secretary, memory, and space brought its brat, loneliness.
Tom Robbins

When we accept small wonders, we qualify ourselves to imagine great wonders.
Tom Robbins

Human folly does not impede the turning of the stars.
Tom Robbins

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