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To find themselves utterly alone at night where company is desirable and expected makes some people fearful; but a case more trying by far to the nerves is to discover some mysterious companionship when intuition, sensation, memory, analogy, testimony, probability, induction -- every kind of evidence in the logician's list -- have united to persuade consciousness that it is quite in isolation.

("Far from the Madding Crowd")

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Unto this wood I came As to a nest Dreaming that sylvan peace Offered the harrowed ease- Nature a soft release From men's unrest
Thomas Hardy

Perhaps you are making a cat's paw of me with Phillotson all this time. Upon my word it almost seems so--to see you sitting up there so prim.
Thomas Hardy

Describing the aged maltster in Far from the Madding Crowd Indeed, he seemed to approach the grave as a hyperbolic curve approaches a straight line less directly as he got nearer, till it was doubtful if he would ever reach it at all.
Thomas Hardy

A woman would rather visit her own grave than the place where she has been young and beautiful after she is aged and ugly.
Thomas Hardy

To be lectured because the lecturer saw her in the cold morning light of open-shuttered disillusion was exasperating.
Thomas Hardy

My eyes were dazed by you for a little, and that was all.
Thomas Hardy

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