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  • I will instruct my sorrows to be proud For grief is proud an't makes his owner stoop
    (William Shakespeare)

  • Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast.
    (William Shakespeare)

  • He that plays the king shall be welcome- his Majesty shall
    have tribute of me; the adventurous knight shall use his foil and
    target; the lover shall not sigh gratis; the humorous man shall
    end his part in peace; the clown shall make those laugh whose
    lungs are tickle o' th' sere; and the lady shall say her mind
    freely, or the blank verse shall halt fort.
    (William Shakespeare, "")

  • Be wise as thou art cruel; do not press
    My tongue-tied patience with too much disdain,
    Lest sorrow lend me words and words express
    The manner of my pity-wanting pain.
    (William Shakespeare, "")

  • Bid me discourse, I will enchant thine ear.
    (William Shakespeare)

  • He that dies this year is quit for the next.
    (William Shakespeare)

  • Youth is full of sport, age's breath is short youth is nimble, age is lame Youth is hot and bold, age is weak and cold Youth is wild, and age is tame.
    (William Shakespeare)

  • Macduff was from his mother's womb Untimely ripped.
    (William Shakespeare)

  • All happiness unto my lord the King!
    (William Shakespeare, "")

  • O Fate, take not away thy heavy hand!
    (William Shakespeare, "")

  • Bring me a constant woman to her husband,
    One that ne'er dream'd a joy beyond his pleasure,
    And to that woman, when she has done most,
    Yet will I add an honour-a great patience.
    (William Shakespeare, "")

  • Why he's the Jupiter of men.
    (William Shakespeare, "")

  • And, that my love may appear plain and free,
    All that was mine in Silvia I give thee.
    (William Shakespeare, "")

  • JAQUES A fool, a fool I met a fool i' the forest, A motley fool a miserable world As I do live by food, I met a fool Who laid him down and bask'd him in the sun, And rail'd on Lady Fortune in good terms, In good set terms and yet a motley fool. 'Good.
    (William Shakespeare)

  • In youth when I did love, did love,
    Methought it was very sweet;
    To contract- O- the time for- a- my behove,
    O, methought there- a- was nothing- a- meet.
    (William Shakespeare, "")

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