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    I knew it would be a special class for Coach Donovan and Florida. We looked at the type of character that he recruited for his team. As soon as they met each other on campus the first day, they hit it off very well. We sensed that as parents. By the second day of us dropping them off at school for good, we knew that they had a great chemistry for themselves.

    I wasn't afforded the opportunity to return to school. I'm caught between a rock and a hard place. I want to finish school, but I don't trust these people. Are they really going to open again in March

    If you are sincere in seeking this knowledge, you must look for a teacher and humbly ask your teacher to show you the opening of the Mysterious Gate. From then on, if your actions follow the Tao, you will progress. If your actions stray from the Tao, your progress will be halted.

    If I wrestle in college it will be as a heavyweight and I'll have to bulk up a whole lot more. In a way, it sucks, but it wouldn't bother me. I'll be able to chow down instead of cutting weight constantly. I've weighed as much as 250 pounds and that's when I maxed out on the bench press at 485 pounds. So I guess being at heavyweight would be all right.

    She needs to get stronger, she has to improve her work ethic and when she gets to college, she'll do that. It's a business in college. You're playing basketball four and five hours a day. You're in that weight room and you're practicing all the time. There's no doubt she'll get better.

    I think a lot of his abilities are from genes. But he's still got to learn. Even though he's been to every single track with me during my career, he still has to learn what the car is supposed to do.

    We want feedback from all those who our closely involved in every aspect of the process of educating our children. As a board, we felt it was best for us to hand deliver the surveys so that they know their input is both wanted and needed.

    I guess I'm a little disappointed in the president who says unless you're willing to do everything my way I will characterize you as being unwilling to do anything. Those are not the fair terms for debate. And quite frankly, Mr. President, you know better than that. You know how much our heart is in educating these children,

    I accomplished a lot of things in high school, but this is a completely different game. If I can carry things over, just the same attitude, same intensity level and just learn, keep my ears open to everything and just keep working hard.

    We have used an eclectic approach to dealing with the moisture concern at Greenwood by employing the services of clean-up crews, air quality control experts, engineers, school nurses and maintenance workers in order to fix this problem.

    Date rape is a major alcohol-related problem that schools don't advertise and U. S. News World Report doesn't mention in its annual college issue. But administrators and counselors deal with it every year. The University of Colorado advised female students, When you're drunk, you'll have sex with someone you wouldn't have lunch with, so bring a condom. ... The quality of men's manners seems to be directly proportional to how drunk I am.

    Old systems top to bottom need to be ripped out and rebuilt and you can't do that during a single summer so there are tactical challenges to renovating North High School too. When you add the costs of renovating North High School and renting space or transporting students to a different space during a year of construction renovating isn't cost-effective. The cost is almost the same as building a new school.

    Our success has been contagious. The support we get from the school and the parents is tremendous. I know it may sound corny, but being part of Lexington tennis is like being part of one, big family.

    I'm learning the ropes the same as the students are. I think it's neat to see how Adopt-a-Family affects the students it brings out a whole new side of them. It's great any time you can connect the school and community.

    It doesn't work that way in life. You don't just come out of (graduate) school and become a great doctor. It takes time to build a team like we had last year. That's why from October 15th on I've never seen any greatness with this basketball team. There's too much to learn.

    The lesson I learned was When in doubt, build your own damn truck. It's a lesson we all need to learn. You need to educate yourselves, learn every language you can. You need to not be a slave to the credit system and gain economic independence. You need to build your own damn truck rather than wait for someone to give you one.

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