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(About Death & Dying)

Milosevic is departing and I hope that finally a period of death, separation and evil will end as well. With his death history will be denied the complete judgment and truth about his involvement in this.

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I'm happy because I know that there is a full understanding on all levels about this question and that, before everything, the case of Ratko Mladic has to be closed in the shortest possible time and in the best interests of Serbia-Montenegro and its European path,
Svetozar Marovic

the suggestions and concerns of the international community.
Svetozar Marovic

It doesn't matter who'll be the first. The important thing is that European Union member countries give timely support to the Southeast's European goals so as to prevent the forces from the past from having room to act.
Svetozar Marovic

I also wish to say that this is really the time of expected reforms and necessary changes. The State Union bodies surely have their share of responsibilities and commitments in that process. One of our main tasks, subject to a responsible role and contribution by the member states, will be the reform of the Armed Forces of Montenegro and Serbia.
Svetozar Marovic

I am mentioning this because no one in Serbia-Montenegro has the right to believe that we can move forward without the fulfillment of the last obligation to The Hague.
Svetozar Marovic

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