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You could live a hundred lifetimes and not deserve him, you know

("Catching Fire")

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And some small gnarled place inside me hated her for her weakness, for her neglect, for the months she had put us through. I had taken a step back from my mother, put up a wall to protect myself from needing her, and nothing was ever the same between us again.
Suzanne Collins

You can't miss your schedule. Every morning, you're supposed to stick your right arm in this contraption in the wall. It tattoos the smooth inside of your forearm with your schedule for the day in a sickly purple ink. 7:00-Breakfast. 7:30-Kitchen Duties. 8:30-Education Center, Room 17. And so on. The ink is indelible until 22:00-Bathing
Suzanne Collins

Theres not going back. So we might as well move on with things
Suzanne Collins

She must have had bad dreams and climbed in with our mother. Of course, she did. This is the day of the reaping.
Suzanne Collins

That should have been my strategy! By the time I've worked through the emotions of surprise, admiration, anger, jealousy, and frustration, I'm watching that reddish mane of hair disappear into the trees well out of shooting range.
Suzanne Collins

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