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I go back to my room and lie under the covers, trying not to think of Gale and thinking of nothing else.

("Catching Fire")

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And once we reach the city, my stylist will dictate my look for the opening ceremonies tonight anyway. I just hope I get one who doesn't think nudity is the last word in fashion.
Suzanne Collins

You should wear flames more often. They suit you.
Suzanne Collins

Someone ought to get Haymitch a drink.
Suzanne Collins

Anyway, even if she's sugarcoating my good points, I appreciate it. Frankly, I could use a little sugarcoating.
Suzanne Collins

Just last year i wanted to kill him, but now it is my duty to save him.
Suzanne Collins

So I thought if I stopped being so, you know, wounded, we could take a shot at just being friends. - Peeta Mellark
Suzanne Collins

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