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Haymitch in my head full-time. Horrifying


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Since Mags seems to have no ill effects from the nuts, Peeta collects bunches of them and fries them by bouncing them off the force field.
Suzanne Collins

Birds are settling down for the night, singing lullabies to their young.
Suzanne Collins

To set a precedent, I guess. So that if in the future she ever fell from grace, it would be understood that presidents - even the most despicable - get special treatment.
Suzanne Collins

But after several hours, I go anyway, walking in silent sock feet, so as not to awaken the ghosts.
Suzanne Collins

Haymitch said you'd take a lot of convincing.
Suzanne Collins

All around the dining hall, you can feel the rejuvenating effect that a good meal can bring on. The way it can make people kinder, funnier, more optimistic, and remind them it's not a mistake to go on living. It's better than any medicine.
Suzanne Collins

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