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And this wasn't lying, not really. It was leaving out.

("Hearts in Atlantis")

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But people love a hypocrite, you know--they recognize one of their own, and it always feels so good when someone gets caught with his pants down and his dick up and it isn't you.
Stephen King

Their faces were zealously blank, their eyes filled with bland fire.
Stephen King

It's alright to feel fear, but sometimes a very bad idea to show it.
Stephen King

He who speaks without an attentive ear is mute.
Stephen King

He was one of those quite rare adults who communicate with small children fairly well and who love them all impartially--not in a sugary way but in a businesslike fashion that may sometimes entail a hug, in the same way that closing a big business deal may call for a handshake.
Stephen King

Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things. And a good thing never really dies.
Stephen King

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