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Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

("Perfect Chemistry")

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If my name was Richard, I'd go by Richard or Rich...not Dick. Hell I'd even settle for being called Chard.
Simone Elkeles

I've spent so much time avoiding arguments and smoothing relationships with the people around me, this confrontation is painful.
Simone Elkeles

Alex took a piece of my heart with him when he left.
Simone Elkeles

I wish my life was a John Grisham novel. His heroes always seem to be one step away from death but come up with a brilliant plan. Unfortunately, real life can't be wrapped up with a nice little bow
Simone Elkeles

Unfortunately, there are no guarentees in life.
Simone Elkeles

I believe in lust at first sight.And attraction.But not love.
Simone Elkeles

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