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I would be like Mia Farrow (who has 14 children, one of whom is now deceased) if I didn't have a sane partner.

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I think anybody who watched this game would come away impressed that Ohio has a good team. To go toe-to-toe with them for 40 minutes, how can I be disappointed

Life is the boring bit between the hangover and the opening time.

by far the best putting round I've had in a couple of years.

The school has always been the most important means of transferring the wealth of tradition from one generation to the next. This applies today in an even higher degree than in former times, for through modern development of economic life, the family as bearer of tradition and education has become weakened.The continuance and health of human society is therefore in a still higher degree dependent on school than formally. (Albert Einstein)

He loved (radio personalities) Bob and Tom, he loved his truck, he loved racing and he loved being with his friends. He was a crack-up, always cracking a joke and having a good time. And he loved Cathedral. He loved this place. It was (a) challenge for him, but he was up for the challenge.

As for those who are firmly established and are at the end of the path, invocation occupies their hearts at all times.

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