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Allah has prepared for them gardens beneath which rivers flow, to abide in them that is the great achievement. And the defaulters from among the dwellers of the desert came that permission may be given to them and they sat (at home) who lied to Allah and His Apostle a painful chastisement shall afflict those of them who disbelieved.

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It's very rare, but it is a disease we've had in Michigan for decades, long before West Nile, ... Most people who become exposed never become symptomatic.

When it's all over, it's not who you were ... it's whether you made a difference.

The good news is that we have three or four days to drain the rivers out, so we aren't expecting flooding anytime soon, like earlier this week.

In other words, the ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel is one of the most positive and significant public health protection moves from the EPA in years.

And most certainly We will settle you in the land after them this is for him who fears standing in My presence and who fears My threat.

He has a chance to make things right, and I think he's going to do that.

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